Thank You Commissioner Elkins

Thank You Kendall County Commissioner Elkins for your support!

An excerpt from Commissioner Elkins’ 4th Quarter Newsletter:

“Vulcan Materials Company has filed for a new permit number for the Batch Concrete Plant. Same property but they relocated the plant location to eliminate home owners within the previous 440 yard protest boundary.  Same location with some flowery add ons to try and gain some public support. It is, in my opinion, a smoke and mirror approach.

Seven very informed citizens spoke today in Commissioners’ Court regarding the new Vulcan Materials tactic.

I made the following motion in Commissioners Court today.

It is ordered by the Commissioners’ Court of Kendall County, Texas to continue the litigation against the Vulcan Permit application #150104, including requesting a contested case hearing and seeking party status. Motion passed 5-0

The way to success is all citizens must join the cause and just say NO to this Batch Concrete plant.”

Read the entire newsletter here.

October thru December Edition 2017